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Emergency cash generator & Free advertis

posted 2004 by Pictalynce

Hi my name is Frank Kafman and I would like to show you how to press any ad anywhere in any newspaper around the world for free. Poor people like you and me have been disadvantaged by big companies for a long time. I took time to compile a step by step manual on how to advertise in any newspaper anywhere in the world for free. I believe anyone with an idea of making money should take advantage of my techniques because they really work. I am making lots and I believe you can too. I have been advertising for free since I figured out this secret. Now I would like to share it with you too.

Look what you can do with free adverting. Start with only $100 U.S, and start your business, fire your stupid boss and sell your product world wide. ------Here are Ideas that you can choose from to and start advertising for free and make lots of money.----- 1. How about money in real estate. You place ads for home sellers. Take over their advertising, increase the value of the selling price and sell it world wide. Get paid big bucks for doing nothing. Reach your customers world wide. Just image! 2. Sell Sports tickets, lottories, used Cars to all. Buy sell trade with no money and Make money! 3. Provide any Service... Handyman, tutor, technician, miss/mr.sexy etc make cash! 4. Products... All merchandise you can sell. 5. Test market your idea for free before spending money.

And more.... You see all these examples needs to be advertised. You can become very wealthy if you know tricks to advertise for free. Its the idea of free advertising which will make you money. Quit sleeping dummy! Make money starting today. Get your spirit in gear. Fear no fear. Fire your stupid boss, Work from home, Make unlimited money. It can all be done. You can do it. Provide the same service you currently offer at your work place to many and get paid large. You have the power of the public and republics to advertise for free!

Make money at your own paces and retire with dignity. Get started ASAP beat the time. $100 US. will get you started. Certified checks only please. upon recieving the fee, i will promptly send you the kit. Email me or lets talk live on msn or yahoo. I am always online with these identities pictalynce@yahoo.com picawho@hotmail.com

All major credit cards accepted. Visit http://www.pictalynce.com to pay by pay pal. Click on long time investment. Or send a certified check to Pictalynce 1450 St.Patricks Suit 2 Windsor, Ontario N9B 3K4 Reply to this email for more information. Satifaction guaranteed or your money back.


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CommentRe: Emergency cash generator & Free adve  ·  posted 2004 by M.A. Fiol

At least you have shown me how to put any ad (i.e. yours) in this forum for free. Thanks for your ideas. The problem is that if I made unlimited money I should buy infinitely many things, and this seems very tiring indeed.

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