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Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under communism, it's just the opposite.

John Kenneth Galbraith, in Law and Politics

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Something the Chew on  ·  posted 2001 by Orb

Heres somthing to think about. In Science, there exists the nuetron, the proton and the electron. each having its own unique charge, and each,very unalike. all work together to form the atom in a balance that keeps them together to form what gives us all life. it is a balance between the nuetral, the positive and the negative energies. our lives are so very similar to that, yet people dont respect that balance, they believe that one charge has to rule over all(I.E you have to be the good guy, or the Badguy) but in doing so disrupt the balance that has kept us alive for so long. as madwolf from UHA, once said, total peace is not the answer, nor is total chaos. we must learn to respect the balance the precedes us. learn to keep that balance in order. it is what has kept our world in order of hundreds of thousands of years. but humans are ignorant, they refuse to accept this balance, they refuse to obey the laws of that balance. they think u HAVE to be good or bad. religion is an easy way of imposing that "choose your side" ideal onto others. those who are religious blow most ideals off like "yea whatever, not worth my time" because they believe the bible has 'all' the answers. Religion is not seperate, no one religion out there teaches anything different from the other. they say the same old crap and babble, all mean the same thing. we have yet to realize that they all DO mean the same thing, they all are One. we still squabble and fight over the names, the words, and the way of using those words,but in doing so we fail to see what they truly Mean. Mind you... you wouldnt know about the stars without the empty void of space to see them with. without light there can be no darkness. without the evil, there can be no good. without the proton, there would be no atom. everything has a balance, and that balance must be sustained in order for us to achieve a greater plane of existance. that balance must be held in order for us to continue, and that balance, is what keeps our world...

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