Aphorisms Galore!


posted 2001 by G. CLARK

i appreciate and support your right to your beliefs,and i believe that you intend no harm. however,Islam just like every other religion with global reach has waged war againest other religions and peoples it considers infidels. Islam also treats women as a sub species and even through the thought of having many wives who are completely sub-servient to my will has a certain appeal i still cannot accept the enslavement of my mother or sisters in the name of my own selfish gain. i reject islam and ALL other faith based religions and reserve the right to think for myself!!! if there truly was any all powerful god who was the least bit concerned with the actions of each individual member of his flock then surely he (or she) would prohibit senseless killing and brutality in his name?????? people are sheep and religion is a useful tool in keeping them in line but as for myself i'm not joining any flocks and i'm content with being my own sheperd. G. CLARK