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Re: Obeying/disobeying authority

posted 2002 by madeline

i've given this question a lot of thought, being that i have a paper due on the subject. i have come to the conlusion that there is no one answer to the question. People obey/disobey authority for many reasons, depending on the person and situation. People obey the laws for moral reasons (Thou shall not kill), for conformity (people are sheep, the majority rules), and for order (who wants to live in a disorganized world?). People disobey for some of the same reasons. As MLK Jr. says, "Sometimes a law is just on its face and unjust on its application." Also, some people want to be the black sheep of the flock, to be different, so why follow the law? "Laws are made to be broken." These are just a few reasons. Hope this helps.