Aphorisms Galore!

Science vs. Religion

posted 2004 by kr8m3r_78

I am writing a HSC report on whether or not religion contradicts science (vise versa) and if so whether or not this then affects the way people follow their belief systems. I am Catholic myself, so I am able to think up evidence for the Christian and parts for the Jewish religions. (i.e. '7 days of creation vs. man was created by evolution', 'Jesus born by immaculate conception' & 'Moses parted the red sea' etc.) However I have never really had much exposure to any other major religions (i.e. Hindu, Buddhist or Islamic) I was wondering if people could help me with getting evidence from other religious scriptures (e.g.: Torah etc.) that have been contradicted by modern scientific proofs or theories. Although such discussions may offend people, anyone who can in post evidence of such contradictions from their religion, to include in my report I am in great debt to you. Thanking you in advance, kr8m3r_78