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All warfare is based on deception.

Sun Tzu, The Art Of War, in War and Peace

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Nomads, Civilization & War  ·  posted 2002 by Kent Benjamin Robertson

http://einstein.periphery.cc/. Einstein's Unified Field without mathematics is the main feature here. It's near the bottom of the contents file. There's also some documentaries and book reviews about the causes and effects of domestic violence and international warfare and how it might be counteracted and/or extinctified. Also some information on psychological warfare in and out of the mainstream media; destructive human aggression, behavior modification, operant conditioning and psychomolecular restructuring. There's related documentaries on fugitive villains in the judicial, journalistic, corporate state, including rogue CIA operatives and their minions. There's a fiction novel entitled Butterfly, Owl & Eagle, chapters 5 & 6 of which are not yet completely edited and streamlined. Forthcoming at this site is a documentary on misogyny and violence in infrastructural America, entitled Battered & Bullied Women Make Better Pancakes & Burgers, but it's not yet edited. There are JPGs and g.i.f.s, though they're not directly linked to the text and this plebe doesn't know how to make the adjustments that allow the easier access of 'clicking'-on to and from the text and illustrations, but anyway the illustrations are referred to in the text as you read same and you can move, however less efficiently, to and from text and illustrations. Any instruction that might help this information be accessed to more readers and how to serve them more efficiently is certainly and respectfully requested. Refer Kraziequus@delphiforums.com (Kraziequus's forums) Einstein's Unified Field Reinstated. I don't know how to use e-mail yet. I think I'm Kraziequus@yahoo.com (Therefore I may be?) but still don't know how to use it (Now that's confusion, if not entertainment?) Please excuse my base ignorance of how to use the web/internet. ____________ This message referencing a website was originally sent to a prolific Delph...

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