Aphorisms Galore!


An aphorist is, of course, someone who coins aphorisms. Aphorisms Galore! has hundreds of aphorists in its collection. Some are historical, some contemporary; some are famous, some obscure. Some of them are Aphorisms Galore! users, some are not.


Louis Armstrong

American jazz musician; b. 1900; d. 1971

Howard Aiken

American physicist; b. 1900; d. 1973


Ancient Greek author; b. 620 BCE; d. 564 BCE

George Moore

Irish author; b. 1852; d. 1933

Ludwig van Beethoven

German composer and pianist; d. 1827

Henry Miller

American author; b. 1891; d. 1980

Russell Banks

American author; b. 1940

M. Scott Peck

American psychiatrist; b. 1936; d. 2005

Hans A. Bethe

German-born American physicist; b. 1906; d. 2005

Fred Allen

American humorist; b. 1894; d. 1956

Oscar Ameringer

German-born American author and political activist; b. 1870; d. 1943