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Beginner Skateboard  ·  posted 2020 by dmshahed

Hi Everyone
As a skateboarder, I want to share an Aphorism for Skateboarder.
If you are a beginner skateboarder then ride always on a free road. Don't go the busy roads as you are a beginner and avoid doing tricks as well. And try to buy beginners friendly skateboard. Check here to find a beginner-friendly skateboard: https://boardsrider.com/best-beginner-skateboard-for-adults/

Food and Drink  ·  posted 2006 by Leonid Sukhorukov

* Everyone is an alcoholic from an angle of 40 degrees.

Articleboom : Food and Drink  ·  posted 2005 by Articleboom

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chocolates  ·  posted 2003 by J. D.

Life is like a box of chocolates, it goes way too fast.