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CommentPandemic Outbreak  ·  posted 6 May by Peter

How are you guys? What's your status? Are you still on quarantine? These are the most common questions I received these days while on quarantine because of the Coronavirus Pandemic. How long does this take? I can't wait to have our lives back. Please stay safe and practice wearing of face masks, social distancing, and stay at home as much as possible. I hope we can surpass this.

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CommentHealth is a Priority  ·  posted 27 Apr by Andi

Health is our number one priority these days especially since we are currently facing a global pandemic. Uncertain to when this viral infectious disease known as COVID-19 ends.

So, please keep safe and stay at home. Practice wearing face masks and apply social distancing.

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Commentlandscape architects port macquarie  ·  posted 22 Mar by landscape architects port macquarie

I hope anybody can prevent a pandemic COVID19...everybody now is panicking...

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amazing blog it is a constant reminder that health is better than cure.

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I cannot figure out how to find my own aphorism on this site. Help

CommentAN INTRODUCTION TO MYOPIA  ·  posted 2006 by Anand

hello, One can simply understand myopia or near sightedness as a disease in which person is unable to see the distant object, but can see the closer objects. In other words, light rays from distant source are unable to form an image over the retina. However, he is able to see the objects in his close vicinity.

The people suffering from myopia have problem to see the distant objects but can see the near objects. This disease is supposed to be carried away from generation to generation. Myopic patients are found to have steep shaped cornea, or have bigger eyes. Myopia generally strikes between the ages of eight to fifteen years. Children suffering from this disease find it difficult to see the black board from back seats of their classroom. After the passage of time when the myopic child grow up this disease become much prominent and at the age of adult hood becomes stagnant. to read the complete article please vist the http://www.articleboom.com and health and fitness category. thank you

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