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CommentLost  ·  posted Oct '18 by Alphabett

I cannot figure out how to find my own aphorism on this site. Help

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CommentAN INTRODUCTION TO MYOPIA  ·  posted 2006 by Anand

hello, One can simply understand myopia or near sightedness as a disease in which person is unable to see the distant object, but can see the closer objects. In other words, light rays from distant source are unable to form an image over the retina. However, he is able to see the objects in his close vicinity.

The people suffering from myopia have problem to see the distant objects but can see the near objects. This disease is supposed to be carried away from generation to generation. Myopic patients are found to have steep shaped cornea, or have bigger eyes. Myopia generally strikes between the ages of eight to fifteen years. Children suffering from this disease find it difficult to see the black board from back seats of their classroom. After the passage of time when the myopic child grow up this disease become much prominent and at the age of adult hood becomes stagnant. to read the complete article please vist the http://www.articleboom.com and health and fitness category. thank you

CommentEveryone should practice yoga  ·  posted 2006 by kalai

Hi everybody!

Yogasana practice does not only make your physique strong but also it makes oneself to be mentally fit. As it controls even the mind also it seems to be very useful. But one need to do this practice of yogasana in a proper manner with good teacher and also with a proper practice. Otherwise it would yield the bad effects such as body ache. After practicing through a proper teacher and learning the procedures then he can start practicing through any online method of leraning yogasana .For instance he can use yogasanalive software which can be downloaded on one’s Mobile, Desktop Application and as PDA’s. For more details you can visit http://www.yogasanalive.com/ If you are having any Queries also I will be there to guide you for this you can contact me at my mail id kalai@yogasanalive.com

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CommentHealth and Disease  ·  posted 2006 by Leonid Sukhorukov

* Our diseases are so old-fashioned, they can't keep up with the new medicines. * A filling is a dentist's food supplement.

CommentArticleboom :- Health and Fitness  ·  posted 2005 by Articleboom

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