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Science and Religion.  ·  posted 2005 by Leonid Sukhorukov

* When you light a candle for someone, you illuminate God's face. * Once a candle is lit, time melts away. * Prayers clean the outside world by cleansing us inside.

Science vs. Religion  ·  posted 2004 by kr8m3r_78

I am writing a HSC report on whether or not religion contradicts science (vise versa) and if so whether or not this then affects the way people follow their belief systems. I am Catholic myself, so I am able to think up evidence for the Christian and parts for the Jewish religions. (i.e. '7 days of creation vs. man was created by evolution', 'Jesus born by immaculate conception' & 'Moses parted the red sea' etc.) However I have never really had much exposure to any other major religions (i.e. Hindu, Buddhist or Islamic) I was wondering if people could help me with getting evidence from other religious scriptures (e.g.: Torah etc.) that have been contradicted by modern scientific proofs or theories. Although such discussions may offend people, anyone who can in post evidence of such contradictions from their religion, to include in my report I am in great debt to you. Thanking you in advance, kr8m3r_78

Site about meditation www.har-tzion.com  ·  posted 2003 by eli213 silver

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a nice little quote  ·  posted 2003 by name

i dont know who said this but its nice.

"not even God can make 2 + 2 equal 5"

Kuffar-phobia  ·  posted 2003 by whatsthisthen

* whatsthisthen * - Links to islamic teachings and un-islamic opinions

Interesting articles on islamic teachings:

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. "the Glorious Past of the Muslims Ummah" & Offensive Jihad . (Europe under Muslim rule Part I, Europe under Muslim rule Part IV, Conquest of India Prior to the Day of Judgment, .. The Holy verses commanding the Muslims to fight, Muslim generals have never had unsuccessful visits) http://whatsthisthen.netfirms.com/ummahgloriouspast.html

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. Preachers of intolerance: Alminbar online council for imaams http://whatsthisthen.netfirms.com/alminbarpreachintolerance.html

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and more .... at: * whatsthisthen * - Links to islamic teachings & un-islamic opinions http://whatsthisthen.netfirms.com/indexlinks.html

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IMPORTANT MESSAGE 4 ALL !!!!! READ PLS !  ·  posted 2001 by yaseer

Hello and thank you for giving me a moment of your busy schedule to read what could be the most important E-mail you have ever received.

If you have no idea about Islam, or you have a bad impression about Islam, without ever learning about Islam from its source, this message is for you.

First, I would like to recommend that you do not take a defensive position from this message. This message must not be considered an attack on your beliefs, a message that must be objected by all means. On the contrary, you are expected to deal with this message with objectivity, fairness, and open mind. This message is for your own worldly and eternal benefit if you give it serious consideration rather than facing it with swift emotional rejection. Let there be no mistake about it, your reaction to this message will likely decide your eternal fate (good or bad).

You are hereby invited to learn more about Islam, and to see for yourself why Islam is the religion of truth, the same religion that all messengers of God "Allah" were sent with, since the father of humanity Adam, followed by Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Mohammad, in addition to other messengers of God peace be upon them all.

Regardless of your religion, or your beliefs, Islam has a lot to offer you, and you have a lot to benefit and nothing to loose from Islam as God "Allah" said in the Quran: "We have verily sent you ‘Mohammad' but a mercy to the creatures."

Contrary to almost all other religions, the more you know about Islam (and the Quran), the more you like it and the more you get convinced that it is not man-made. In Islam, every thing makes sense and we've got nothing to hide in the process of calling people to Islam. The more knowledgeable a person is in Islam, the stronger Muslim he becomes, contrary to people believing in other religions who, the more knowledgeable they become in their faith, the more convinced they get that it can not be God's pure word for the many contradictions, discrepan...

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