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Ben Franklin

posted 2000 by ttornow@yahoo.com

What is the origin/meaning of Ben Franklin's aphorism "Hunger is the best pickle"?


Re: Ben Franklin  ·  posted 2004 by maddy

a pickle is an appetizer (literally, an appetite stimulant) ergo, hunger is the best pickle.

i love this website!

Re: Ben Franklin  ·  posted 2002 by Dan Oksnevad

Hello Mrs. Tornow! This is Dan Oksnevad, your American Lit. student, with the long anticipated answer for your inquiry regarding an aphorism from Ben Franklin. The aphorism, published in Poor Richard’s Almanack reads, “Hunger is the best pickle.” In the 1700s, pickles were commonly used as appetizers, as they on occasion are used today. Putting 2 and 2 together I came to the conclusion that “Hunger is the best appetizer.” An appetizer is something which creates or whets an appetite, so essentially Franklin is saying, “Hunger is the best enhancement to your meal.” I will be looking forward to the awarded extra credit.

Re: Ben Franklin  ·  posted 2002 by ben franklin

eat to live, and not live to eat

Re: Ben Franklin  ·  posted 2002 by Dave

a pickle was considered an appetizer, something to quicken the appetite. Obviously, if one is hungry, no quickener is needed...8^)... Franklin has another quote, which I cannot remember completely, "...a pickle in the mouth", which had to do with anticipation

Re: Ben Franklin  ·  posted 2000 by C MAN

I'm only 16 years old, but a wise 16 year old. "Hunger is the best pickle". I am working on writing my own modern-day epitaph for a weekend school project, and we were just studying Ben Franklin and his sayings. My 573 year old teacher told me that it was talking about how, when you're hungry, it makes what you're hungry for even better. Like a pickle is used as a side item/condiment to make many foods better.(burger, on the side of a salad, etc.). Well, i hope my little bit of sh*t might have helped answer your question. Bye now