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response: wow

posted 2000 by Dr. A. P. Tapperman

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CommentRe: response: wow  ·  posted 2001 by John

Well, I'm glad to see that I wasn't totally bashed into the ground for my opinion, and that I got some educated response. Well to the first response, yes you do hope not to be punched in the face when you fall in love. Please forgive the extremity of my script in that first posting, I was only trying to convey my strong feelings of distaste for this "young"(ignorant, if I may) love that many of my friends seem to be experiencing nowadays. It seems some of the guys that I know are finally delving into the world of the opposite sex, and they're falling in love, yet getting burned. The thing that gets me, is how ridiculously obvious it is that they are gonna get burned. I know that one must go through this stage at least once in their lives, but that's just what makes me so cynical of love. What good is it, if it blinds you, and leads you into deception and mistrust? Even later on, when you know how to play the game of love, you still have to be careful, for there are some players better than others. I really do wish that love could be as easy as it seems in the story books. Love is an incredible thing. But love is like Communism, it CAN work, but won't exist in reality because men's hearts are evil and selfish. I am not an expert on social theories and what not, I am only running off of what I can recall from highschool history, but I believe I am using Communism in the right context. I am not a hateful person. I believe that everyone deserves a chance, or two, to prove themselves. But I can't help but harbor this hate, hate for society, and the love they fawn about, because I see society as fake, and their love as fake. I think that there are only a few people out there that are not fake, and totally incorporated into this system of ignorance and false ideas. My point is that I don't hate people because they want to love, or because they say they do. I don't hate most people, period. I just hate the idea of ignorance proliferating, and people spreading this idea of commercialized, packaged...

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