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posted 2001 by Cathode


--- exceprt from site --- Whataya' get?

By becoming a Hellomonkey User you gain the ability to post your work on Hellomonkey.com. Be it animation, comics, music, photography, or something that cannot be categorized by such words as "it," "thing," or "is" but must be experienced to be truly understood, it has a potential home at Hellomonkey.

But that's not all!

You'll also be able to post a resume using our resume builder. Searching for an employer, patron, or some other sort of art junkie willing to pay you for their next fix? Direct them to Hellomonkey.com where they can find your latest work and a PRINTABLE copy of your resume! As we grow, we plan to make resumes searchable by category, etc. so people with money (so called "suits") can easily find a genius (you) visual artist, writer, muscian, etc. for the big project they're working on.

By posting your work and a resume on Hellomonkey, you gain exposure to a broader audience. Said audience is small (relatively) but it is growing and with it (theoretically) so will your chances of hooking up with an insane millionaire who thinks that you're the perfect individual to paint a mural depicting the final seige of Constantinople on the head of a pin and then cast it into the Black Sea. Such a profound statement!.

But beware!

We do reserve the right to choose what we will or will not post on Hellomonkey. Yes it is censorship. Of course it is arbitrary. But if we won't take it, there's plenty of other places on the web that will.

So, that's it. What'd you expect? A free party hat? If you have any ideas on how we could make Hellomonkey a better place for you to hang out online, let us know.


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CommentRe: Artist Community  ·  posted 2001 by franklin greenwald

I love playing with words and especially making up new ones.Check out my site at http://www.rolemottos.com/and let me know if my work is worthy of being displayed on hellomonkey . Thankx loads, Franklin

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