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Cyniscism eh?

posted 2001 by alias

I found this category to be sorely lacking. As one who tends to be a cynic myself, I was dissapointed at the lack of straightforwardness, cruel truths and blunt. Surely someone has said something more cynical than THAT. Stray beyond the world of those more famous than yourself! Ask those who live the same life as you and be amazed at the cynics in your everyday world. With regrets, Alias


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CommentRe: Cyniscism eh?  ·  posted 2005 by Jim Hawkins

On the contrary, I very much enjoy this section. Maybe I'm just using "kid wisdom" or something, but I'm always looking for new withering humourous quotes. More often than not, the only way to solve a problem is to do it yourself. Put some of your own cynical comments on here, if you're unsatisfied with what's already on here.

CommentRe: Cyniscism eh?  ·  posted 2004 by Arles Mauck

wow your trying way to hard to find/understand cyniscism. cyniscism isn't hating everything, cyniscism is seeing all the bad "truths" in life and loving them.

CommentRe: Cyniscism eh?  ·  posted 2001 by Tseia

I agree. Yes. I am very cynical. It's mainly altruism isn't it?

Though I don't know what that is lol.

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