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Re: I agree with Nietzsche on this one

posted 2001 by G. Clark

the simple fact that all religions are jealous of all other religions should be sufficent proof of the basic falsehoods inherant in each. the only logical choices i see for mankind are one universal religion or no religion at all but a true acceptance of all people as brothers and sisters worthy of help and understanding. it is with great sadness that i confess my belief that there are simply too many humans and too few resources for all the worlds people to share equally at this time. the human species has raped and pillaged this planet,its resources,and its other species to the point of no return,and i fear we will continue down this same path until nature,the universe,or we ourselves construct our own destruction!! perhaps at that time in the future the survivors will be forced to work togather for survival and their decendants will learn and profit from our mistakes?? i hope so but i certainly wouldn't bet on it. G. CLARK


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