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CommentLost  ·  posted 5 Oct by Alphabett

I cannot figure out how to find my own aphorism on this site. Help

CommentWomen &  ·  posted 25 Sep by deevee

Vive la difference, uh

CommentYes, more commonly  ·  posted 15 Sep by deevee

We all go to the school of hard knocks, we don't all learn much there.

CommentHypocrites  ·  posted 25 Jul by David Vineberg

(Sober )
Maybe self knowledge is wanted here? And who has that? Worse, wouldn't it be needed in abundance?

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CommentReply  ·  posted Jan '18 by Yelena Hopper


Commentreply  ·  posted Jan '18 by danny


CommentComment.  ·  posted Dec '17 by Drasko Veselinovic

Good one. I like it.
Additional one: Chess is an interracial game.

Commentaborigine  ·  posted Nov '17 by jimmy

nice post.

Comment(no title)  ·  posted Oct '17 by Anonymous

Comment(no title)  ·  posted Sep '17 by Ulysses

Don't forget the rules for transplant of body parts. Everyone waits in a que, for a free donation, rich and poor alike. The surgeons will not operate on the rich man who has purchased his organ. That is not the rule in all countries.

CommentWow  ·  posted Aug '17 by Gabriella

I came here to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attached right now

Comment(no title)  ·  posted Jul '17 by Ulysses

"If I say it three times, it is true" - Lewis Carroll or Carroll Lewis. I have heard this aphorism from a minister of government in 1975 and other important people, since then. The rain happens regularly; sickness, loss of job, mortgagees sale but it is not a great secret and there is insurance - used to be called "income protection insurance"

Comment(no title)  ·  posted Jul '17 by Arthurok87

More like it

Comment(no title)  ·  posted Mar '17 by Ulysses

They can't.
Two poor man; both starving; one steals, the other does not. No-one can say.
Not much evidence on what the superman of the world would do.

CommentThe snowflakes will never get it  ·  posted Mar '17 by J. Barnes

Rated fair? Put your life on the line and you will get it.

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