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Comment(no title)  ·  posted 17 Jan by Ulysses

"...make fun of you."; I don't remember anything good on TV about that but about males being inapt in the sexual act, yes. See Australian TV series of the 2000 decade: PUBERTY BLUES. About 25 seconds in one episode.

assignmenthelp  ·  posted 11 Jan by assignmenthelp

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Comment(no title)  ·  posted 13 Dec by Ulysses

For a different view see movie "KINGSMEN", starring Colin Firth, Samuel L Jackson, ................

Comment(no title)  ·  posted 31 Oct by Anonymous

Mon Dieu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not understand this to be obviously true; I do not understand it at all.

Comment(no title)  ·  posted May '16 by Ulysses

Senator Leyonhejlm (Ind.)is an admirer. Senator Leyonhejlm , BVs, LLB, MBA

Comment(no title)  ·  posted May '16 by Ulysses

Senator Leyonhejlm (Ind.)is an admirer. Senator Leyonhejlm , BVs, LLB, MBA

CommentTotally inappropriate  ·  posted Apr '16 by Bill Duncan

Really? In today's day and age you are going to advocate for physical abuse of children or employees? What next? An aphorism about scantily clad women asking for it when they are raped?

CommentYou're new to the underground, aren't cha?  ·  posted Feb '16 by Flowey

In this world, it's kill or be killed.

CommentRe; Body recycling  ·  posted Feb '16 by Rhisiart

Only if you're not buried in one of those dreadful concrete tombs.

CommentWar and peace:John Paul jones  ·  posted Jan '16 by arthurok87

I intend to go in harms way.i must have a ship that goes fast.

[deleted]  ·  posted Jan '16 by John Adam


Comment(no title)  ·  posted Nov '15 by Anonymous


Comment(no title)  ·  posted Nov '15 by diemkae

That this is included in a collection of aphorisms says all that needs to be said about it.

CommentAttribution  ·  posted Oct '15 by Hugh H.

This aphorism should be attributed to Steve Allen, at least according to this post, which I believe to be quite reliable.

Comment(no title)  ·  posted Jul '15 by Anonymous

what can you do for your country -JFK

War is great it can save economies and lives. it saves economies because if not for world war II. America may still be in the great depression the war opened up so many jobs to people like ammo factories plane repair shops ect. War saves lives if the allies didn't fight in WWII no one would have saved the people in concentration camps and they would all have died

Comment(no title)  ·  posted Jul '15 by Anonymous

this sounds more like a pome than a blog thing. its true that war saves lives. and a bacon is baced on war

Commentbacon  ·  posted Jul '15 by Anonymous

this dont have to do anything with war

Comment(no title)  ·  posted Feb '15 by blury23

This is awesome! It so, is!

Comment(no title)  ·  posted 2015 by Anonymous

"For an idea ever to be fashionable is ominous, since it must afterwards be always old-fashioned."
George Santayana, Winds of Doctrine (1913) ch. 2

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