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Beginner Skateboard  ·  posted 2020 by dmshahed

Hi Everyone
As a skateboarder, I want to share an Aphorism for Skateboarder.
If you are a beginner skateboarder then ride always on a free road. Don't go the busy roads as you are a beginner and avoid doing tricks as well. And try to buy beginners friendly skateboard. Check here to find a beginner-friendly skateboard: https://boardsrider.com/best-beginner-skateboard-for-adults/

lizbee  ·  posted 2020 by liz

what is this?

lizbee  ·  posted 2020 by liz

i love t his site

(no title)  ·  posted 2020 by jonwalter7


Thanks God I do not have moustache

Gabriel Henly  ·  posted 2020 by Gabriel Henly

So true and wonderful lines by Timothy Leary, and in today's scenarios it does follow the same.

lisa johny  ·  posted 2020 by lisajohny543

Howard Aiken is my favorite mathematician, I have a huge collection of his books, Nowadays I am reading Howard Aiken: Portrait of a Computer Pioneer (History of Computing), I bought it last month from Reecoupons.com, its a good book so far with a lot of new techniques, and really glad to see his aphorism here.

landscape architects port macquarie  ·  posted 2020 by landscape architects port macquarie

I hope anybody can prevent a pandemic COVID19...everybody now is panicking...

THe Golden Rule  ·  posted 2020 by Karla Lennon

Do unto other what you want others to do unto you. Visit www.thejumpsuitband.co.nz

.  ·  posted 2020 by cynthia.hamilton

So beautiful topic

schoolforharvest  ·  posted 2019 by reader

I will have no way of knowing that the comment is yours, and you will have no way of editing it.

(no title)  ·  posted 2019 by horeakaii

This is great!

Altruism and Cynicism  ·  posted 2019 by patsm00re18

This is a well-thought of piece that made it easy for people to understand the whole point.

(no title)  ·  posted 2019 by Anonymous

I cannot think of a more outdated aphorism than this one. Please consider removing it from your collection, altogether! It isn't true, it isn't helpful, and could be harmful to many vulnerable females.

My Dad told me this one  ·  posted 2019 by Ganapathy

Brings back memories...

Very right!  ·  posted 2019 by AliciaMayson

Absolutely right - we should help other people and be kind and what-not, but never should we allow others to treat us poorly.

Lost  ·  posted 2018 by Alphabett

I cannot figure out how to find my own aphorism on this site. Help

Women &  ·  posted 2018 by deevee

Vive la difference, uh

Yes, more commonly  ·  posted 2018 by deevee

We all go to the school of hard knocks, we don't all learn much there.

Hypocrites  ·  posted 2018 by David Vineberg

(Sober )
Maybe self knowledge is wanted here? And who has that? Worse, wouldn't it be needed in abundance?

Reply  ·  posted 2018 by Yelena Hopper


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