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Altruism and Cynicism

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CommentAltruism  ·  posted 24 Jul by Jacob

What a good man can do has no limit when he doesn't care who gets the credit.
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CommentAltruism and Cynicism  ·  posted 23 Jul by patsm00re18

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CommentCynicism  ·  posted 2006 by Leonid Sukhorukov

* Cynicism is the ashes of our beliefs.

CommentCyniscism eh?  ·  posted 2001 by alias

I found this category to be sorely lacking. As one who tends to be a cynic myself, I was dissapointed at the lack of straightforwardness, cruel truths and blunt. Surely someone has said something more cynical than THAT. Stray beyond the world of those more famous than yourself! Ask those who live the same life as you and be amazed at the cynics in your everyday world. With regrets, Alias

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