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Love and Hate

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Love and Hate  ·  posted 2005 by Leonid Sukhorukov

* Love your mistakes, but don't marry one. * The less we love a woman, the more women we love.

.  ·  posted 2020 by cynthia.hamilton

So beautiful topic

???if i could see her-again????  ·  posted 2004 by jan-michaeL vincentt

i would do thingz differently!!!!i'm sorry,if i made you cry!!!!that's just a part of life!!!!i only hit the finest...i'm complimenting you!!!!!you crazy girL!!!!!YOUR STILL ON MY MIND-AFTER ALL THIS TIME!!!!!don't trip,just had a glimpse of you!!!!!!!!!!!jan-michaeL vincentt from southern ca..woodLumz13 www.woodLumz.com

Mad passionate love  ·  posted 2003 by unknown

Who said "Anything less than mad passionate extrordinary love is a waste of time. There are too many medeocre things in life to deal with and love shouldnt be one of them." ?

Love is ridiculous  ·  posted 2002 by Tasha Marie

That's right. It's absurd, completely insane. Love is like... knowing exactly what you want without actually knowing what you're doing. Now don't mistake me, I'm grateful for all the people in my life that I have truly loved and who have truly loved me, but sometimes I can't help but wonder how much easier my life who inevitably be if that factor were to vacate it. I'm sure most people wonder that. But then again, how the hell would we occupy ourselves without all that emotional turmoil to distract us from everything else. Yup, just ridiculous.

(no title)  ·  posted 2002 by Richard Jurgensen

Wow  ·  posted 2000 by John

Wow, I'm the first one to write in here well, maybe I can start some convo. Me, personally, I tend to be more cynical of love, at least the idea of love as some great, grand, all consuming thing. People try to hard to find this "love" thing, and they can't. Or if they do, it's the kind where if you see them and hear them talk about it, you want to punch them in the face. Hate, well, I don't know about everyone else, but I like hating sometimes. They say hate will consume you from the inside out, but honestly, it makes me feel good. Well, time to see if i can post this and stir some people into discussion.....