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Harry S Truman

U.S. president 1945–1953; b. 1884; d. 1972

Aphorisms Attributed to This Aphorist

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I have found the best way to give advice to your children is to find out what they want and then advise them to do it.

Harry S Truman, in Wisdom and Ignorance

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If you cannot convince them, confuse them.

Harry S Truman, in Success and Failure

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It's a recession when your neighbor loses his job; it's a depression when you lose yours.

Harry S Truman, in Altruism and Cynicism

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Men don't change. The only thing new in the world is the history you don't know.

Harry S Truman, in Science and Religion

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Men make history, and not the other way around. In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still. Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better.

Harry S Truman, in Law and Politics

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When you have an efficient government, you have a dictatorship.

Harry S Truman, in Law and Politics