Aphorisms Galore!

Samuel Butler

b. 1612; d. 1680

Aphorisms Attributed to This Aphorist

tiny.ag/ivbmwcle  ·   Fair (123 ratings)  ·  submitted 1997

All progress is based upon a universal innate desire on the part of every organism to live beyond its income.

Samuel Butler, in Success and Failure

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Any fool can tell the truth, but it requires a man of some sense to know how to lie well.

Samuel Butler, in Wisdom and Ignorance

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Logic is like the sword -- those who appeal to it shall perish by it.

Samuel Butler, in Science and Religion

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Man is the only animal that can remain on friendly terms with the victims he intends to eat until he eats them.

Samuel Butler, in Altruism and Cynicism

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All animals except man know that the ultimate of life is to enjoy it.

Samuel Butler, in Life and Death