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tiny.ag/1jfp82uv  ·   Fair (86 ratings)  ·  submitted 1997

It is not what we do, but also what we do not do, for which we are accountable.

Molière, in Vice and Virtue

tiny.ag/nhmiijfj  ·   Fair (87 ratings)  ·  submitted 1997

I drink to make other people interesting.

George Jean Nathan, in Vice and Virtue

tiny.ag/5nmjgd34  ·   Fair (272 ratings)  ·  submitted 1997

Talking much about oneself can also be a means to conceal oneself.

Friedrich Nietzsche, in Vice and Virtue

tiny.ag/fufp6yke  ·   Fair (103 ratings)  ·  submitted 1997

How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in your life you will have been all of these.

George Washington Carver, in Vice and Virtue

tiny.ag/pcf4akr5  ·   Fair (817 ratings)  ·  submitted 1999

We are more apt to catch the vices of others than their virtues, as disease is far more contagious than health.

Charles Caleb Colton, Lacon, 1.247, in Vice and Virtue

tiny.ag/a05b6vef  ·   Fair (410 ratings)  ·  submitted 1997

Applause is the spur of noble minds, the end and aim of weak ones.

Charles Caleb Colton, in Vice and Virtue

tiny.ag/koyyze4o  ·   Fair (589 ratings)  ·  submitted 1997

Character is what you know you are, not what others think you have.

Marva Collins, in Vice and Virtue

tiny.ag/iqolobqc  ·   Fair (435 ratings)  ·  submitted 1997

In order to preserve your self-respect, it is sometimes necessary to lie and cheat.

Robert Byrne, in Vice and Virtue

tiny.ag/k4hosucr  ·   Fair (902 ratings)  ·  submitted 1997

Don't wait for the last judgment; it takes place every day.

Albert Camus, in Vice and Virtue

tiny.ag/rh0iiyqp  ·   Fair (125 ratings)  ·  submitted 1997

If only I could be respected without having to be respectable.

Unknown, in Vice and Virtue

tiny.ag/rjjl9rkn  ·   Fair (208 ratings)  ·  submitted 1997

Kinky is using a feather, perverted is using the whole chicken.

Unknown, in Vice and Virtue

tiny.ag/kgx6jecr  ·   Fair (238 ratings)  ·  submitted 1997

Jesus died for your sins. Make it worth his time.

Unknown, in Vice and Virtue

tiny.ag/mznhvk59  ·   Fair (207 ratings)  ·  submitted 1997

It is easier to point the finger than to offer a helping hand.

Unknown, in Vice and Virtue

tiny.ag/ajwgbtvf  ·   Fair (229 ratings)  ·  submitted 1997

If you were arrested for kindness, would there be enough evidence to convict you?

Unknown, in Altruism and Cynicism and Vice and Virtue

tiny.ag/d6tftb8q  ·   Fair (170 ratings)  ·  submitted 1997

If everyone would sweep in front of their own door, the whole world would be clean.

Unknown, (Middle Eastern proverb), in Vice and Virtue

tiny.ag/0xhdtnul  ·   Fair (102 ratings)  ·  submitted 1997

If people talk negatively about you, live so that no one will believe them.

Unknown, in Vice and Virtue

tiny.ag/bafxiwkf  ·   Fair (110 ratings)  ·  submitted 1997

If you treat a person as he is, he will remain as he is. If you treat him for what he could be, he will become what he could be.

Unknown, in Vice and Virtue

tiny.ag/uc5f23qi  ·   Fair (284 ratings)  ·  submitted 1997

It is easier to get forgiveness than permission.

Unknown, in Success and Failure and Vice and Virtue

tiny.ag/pqyzbh1e  ·   Fair (128 ratings)  ·  submitted 1997

Bacchus: A convenient deity invented by the ancients as an excuse for getting drunk.

Unknown, in Vice and Virtue

tiny.ag/fpgp1ubk  ·   Fair (136 ratings)  ·  submitted 1997

I am so evil that heaven won't take me and hell is afraid I'll take over.

Unknown, (T-shirt), in Vice and Virtue